A team of experienced and friendly river guides,
who are passionate about nature !


For all our trails, young children go down river in the guide’s canoe. Whatever your level or abilities, the guide is there to help you learn and develop your paddling skills so that you get the most out of your river adventure. The guide will give technical advice and ensure safety so that you navigate rapids in a fun and safe way. As you travel down river the guide will take you to suitable bathing spots and indicate safe places to jump, as well as proposing other fun activities.


Just a few kilometers (6km), but so much to do, seeing and discovering ! And we’ll avoid the afternoon rush……
Time for a swim, stories about the river and the gorges…. We talk about the animals, the plants, the prehistory and history of the river… Then a picnic on a beautiful beach…
On the way, we'll find choiced spots for swimming, jumping and exploring….. And then, how about a small walk up to a fantastic viewpoint ? How about another swim to cool off ?
It’s already 3pm and time to head back in the mini-bus before the crowd arrives...

  • Practical information : download pdf
  • We provide boats, life jackets, paddles, dry barrels and return Minibus transport.
  • Remember to bring: closed shoes, towel, water, a picnic….
  • Times: 9.30 am to 4pm.

  • PRICE : 60 €/Adult
                      52 €/Child under 13 years old