A team of experienced and friendly river guides,
who are passionate about nature !

• Day and a half, the Gorges bivouac Trail. •

For all our trails, young children go down river in the guide’s canoe. Whatever your level or abilities, the guide is there to help you learn and develop your paddling skills so that you get the most out of your river adventure. The guide will give technical advice and ensure safety so that you navigate rapids in a fun and safe way. As you travel down river the guide will take you to suitable bathing spots and indicate safe places to jump, as well as proposing other fun activities.

• The Gorges bivouac Trail :

Going down the river, thew the National Natural Parc.
THE solution for descending the Ardèche Gorges in the best possible way. You'll start at Chames at the entrance to the Ardèche Gorges, at a crowdless time. You will paddle downriver, taking your time to stop off for a swim, to discover fresh water springs, or to negotiate a rapid. You will arrive late in the afternoon at the bivouac of Gournier site and watch the sunset surrounding the cliffs.
A BBQ, then a night sleeping under the stars or in a tent. An early start to make the most of the morning calm and diffused light... Explore a cave, maybe a walk to a viewpoint, a dolmen... Discover the perfect picnic spot... Take a siesta in the shade, jump off rocks, ricochet stones. Arrive around 3 pm before the crowd arrive.
The Ardèche Gorges, almost just for you, in full summer season… an unforgettable experience!

  • Technical tips : >Download the pdf file
  • Equipment : shorty drysuit, wind-stoper, kayak, boyancy aid, paddles, dry container
  • Minibus wayback
  • Forecast : Closed shoes (sport shoes or water shoes, towel, water...)
  • Duration : from 2 pm to 4 pm the day after

  • price : 155 €/adult
                      145 €/child under 13 years old


    We can provide meals for the day and a half trail. This includes evening BBQ, breakfast, picnic day 2 + a tasting of regional products.
    Price : 45 €/adult and 37 €/child
    We can provide sleeping equipment : 15 €/person