A team of experienced and friendly river guides,
who are passionate about nature !

• Moonlit evenings on the Ardèche river •

Whatever your level or abilities, the guide is there to help you learn and develop your paddling skills so that you get the most out of your river adventure. The guide will give technical advice and ensure safety so that you navigate rapids in a fun and safe way.

• Moonlight kayaking on July, 10/11 - and Aughust 09/10 :

A canoe trip down the Ardèche is a must-do at any time of day, but there’s something magical about a canoe trip by moonlight. Prepare for atmosphere overload when you set off on the 6km journey, gliding past silhouettes of rock formations, listening to the noises of the night, and enjoying a unique journey over the small rapids. Beavers are busy getting food along the banks, but everything’s calm in the canoe. The experience lasts four hours but the memories will last for ever.

  • Technical tips : Download the pdf file
  • Equipment : shorty drysuit, wind-stoper, kayak, boyancy aid, paddles, dry container
  • Minibus wayback
  • Forecast : Closed shoes (sport shoes or water shoes, towel, water...)
  • Duration : From 8 pm to midnight ! (July) - from 7.30 pm to 23.30 pm (Août)

  • RATES* : 64 € / person